The First.

I’d actually like to start of my first blog off with a big, earnest, loving Thank YOU! It has been so therapeutic documenting my writing process on my Instagram account. But it has been unspeakably wonderful having the support and community of all of you. I love hearing about how your writing journey is going, and the support you all offer me daily is breathtaking. So thank you. Really.

I want this to be a space much like my Instagram. And in case you don’t follow me on IG, I like to think of it as a place where we can refuel and be real about what it is like to live a creative life. I will use my blog to expand on some of my IG posts, go into more depth about my personal experiences as I write my books and attempt to get published. Rest assured, as per usual, I want to be completely honest with you all and will document all the shit and all the smiles.

Always feel free to contact me. With suggestions, with your stories, anything. I’m always around. Amie.




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  1. Good on you for having a go.


  2. So excited for your blog! I love your Instagram!


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