My top ten favourite Instagram Accounts. VLOG.

Good Morning Beautiful Writers,

I introduce to you all, my first ever Vlog! Bare with me as I get used to this format, and let me know if you enjoy it. (Warning: I say the word incredible a fucking hundred times.)  I’ve chosen a nice simple subject to start of with: my favourite IG accounts. Warning 2: these accounts are not all about writing. Most of them are writers, but their accounts aren’t focussed on writing advice etc. I’m sharing these accounts with you because they give me something wonderful each day and I want to share their wonder. Also I’ve just noticed that they’re all awe inspiring, Queenly, powerful women, so that’s another plus. I will post their handles below the video for you to look up. Sending you all lots of love and creative vibes, Amie.








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  1. I love love love listening to you talk amie


  2. I love Winnie’s account. It’s honestly so lovely and cheerful. ❤


  3. I enjoyed this, it was unpolished, it was natural, sweet and affable but more importantly it was real. I could listen to you talk for hours. I love your IG account too because your writing woes reflect my own and I don’t get any of the BS that some other accounts have. Keep up the great work 😊


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