About Amie

I just googled: ‘how to write a good About Me page.’ The top website told me that it is a difficult task and that I should probably seek a writer to do it for me … how awkward.

Lets split it up into two sections.

1)  Straightforward facts:

  •  My name is Amie.
  • I am a woman in her mid twenties.
  •  I live in Sydney Australia, but grew up in Oxford England.
  • I have a bachelor of arts, majoring in english literature and medieval studies.
  • I work for myself, doing social media management.
  • I have been writing stories all of my life.
  • I am currently working on a fantasy novel and a historical fiction novel.


  • My real name is AMY with a Y but when I was thirteen I decided I desperately needed to be different so I wrote AmIE on all my texts books, and you know when it’s on your year eight text books that your name is here to stay.
  • When I’m in England I cry because I miss Australia, and when I’m in Australia I cry because I miss England.
  • Nearly all of of my university degree was spent studying medieval pornography and sex culture.
  • Working for myself has been one of hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and I won’t be doing it for much longer.
  • Right now, I am very unpublished and haven’t found it within me to post any of my fictional writing anywhere online. However, I absolutely cannot wait for the day where I get to share my stories with you.

Post Script:

I can’t spell, my grammar is bad and I really don’t understand how to use a semicolon but I do use it; REGULARLY.

Wishing you all a wonderful day of writing. Amie.