About Amie

My Name is Amie McNee. I am an unpublished author.

I have completed two books, and I’m working on number three. None of them have titles, but I fondly refer to each of them by the name of their protagonist. Esther, Elisabeth and Maude. 

I have a degree in history, where I specialised in medieval sexuality and pornography. My knowledge and understanding of this later medieval experience is integral to my writing both book two and three.  

I write and speak about creative living and creative community. I endeavour to create spaces where we can freely explore all angles of artistic living, from the loneliness, the financial troubles and shame. All the way to the magic and rebellious liberty that comes from taking a creative journey and taking it seriously.

On instagram, under the handle, @inspiredtowrite, I document my own personal journey as a writer. This is a story about making a life, not making a living.

I have a podcast called ‘Unpublished’. This is a space to discuss creative living before we become the success story. What is it like to be a writer before we ‘make it’?

Alongside this, I have a Patreon page, where people can financially support me as a writer. In return, I provide more personal support to artist patrons and I share extra behind the scenes of my writing process, and actual extracts of my fiction.

You can find me at a coffee shop, with a long black, my journal, and my west highland terrier, Frodo. (Joking, Frodo is an arsehole and I can’t take him anywhere.)